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  • Dorset Loom for Sale December 16, 2016

    I have a 24″ Dorset jack loom 4 shaft to sell. Everything inclusive. Bobbins. Cone holder. Reeds. AVL warping machine. AVL super electric bobbin winder. Assorted yarns. Brand bew warping board. Manual bobbin winder. Swift.
    Make me an offer. There is a lot of yarn. I have to sell by Dec.31. Leaving the country.
    Jennifer Harris
    Baytown Texas

  • David Loom for Sale October 4, 2016


    David 90 cm (35″)8 harness loom with new sliding beater for sale. Bench and two reeds are included and I have added the brake. Must pick up in the Houston area. New costs $3200, asking $2800 or best offer. Call Barbara at 832-864-2428.

  • Harrisville Loom for Sale September 9, 2016

    Harrisville loom 1 harrisville loom 2

    For Sale $1000

    Used Harrisville Loom
    36″ weaving width
    4 shafts, 6 treadles
    12 dent reed
    Over 1000 flat steel heddles
    Wood tray on top of castle

    This floor loom is in very good condition with minor scratches on the breast beam. The treadles and cables are brand new and installed myself when it was converted from a four treadle direct tie up to six treadles within the last six months. This is an excellent beginner’s loom and the width gives ample space for larger projects. The 12 dent reed and abundance of heddles will give you the ability to create a very wide range of projects from plain weave to twill to overshot. It weaves beautifully. I have included a picture of the Monk’s Belt kitchen towels that are currently on the loom. The loom is located in San Antonio. Please email for more information.

    harrisville loom 3

  • Loom for Sale August 4, 2016

    For Sale: Type B Macomber floor looms, 10 Harness frame with 48″ weaving space, 4 harnesses, 6 pedals. Loom still being made and up to 6 additional harnesses can be added, currently sells for $3500, (see Macomber website for more specifics).

    Original equipment included: plain warp and cloth beams, ratchet brake system, 10 dent reed, boat shuttle, reed hook, adjustable heel rest, 2 leash sticks, 20 inserted eye heddles per inch, tie-up hooks, and instructions as received. Additional boat, rag and stick shuttles/spools, hooks included. Asking $1200.

    loom composite

    For Sale: Harrisville Design Tabletop Warping Reel, 20 yard capacity, 3 adjustable spreader bars, collapsible. New retails for $325; asking $100.


    I have a loom and warping mill to sell together or separately.  The loom is in excellent condition, but I cannot ship or transport it so it will need to be picked up. It can be folded to fit through a doorway and into a van or pick-up truck.

    Betty Siber

  • Loom for Sale July 31, 2016

    loom for sale

    Structo tabletop loom, Model 705-7986. The weaving width is 26 inches and the levers face you (not on the side). This loom has been completely restored – maple wood has been sanded, stained, clear coated. All of the metal pieces were sanded, treated with ospho and painted. There is a new stainless steel ten dent reed and new heddles that were special ordered. The front beam strapping was replaced and we also made a cloth apron.

    We need to make room in our studio so we would be willing to sell this loom for $400. We do prefer pickup by the buyer. We put a fair amount of money into this loom and a lot of time restoring it. If you are interested, please let me know and I will send more pics. We are located about three hours southwest of Houston.

    Thanks –

  • Teaching Opportunity April 9, 2016


    For the upcoming school year (2016-2017), we have over 20 locations across Houston where we will be teaching sewing classes to kids.  Many of these locations are public libraries and public schools.  One location that will require a mature and highly experienced teacher is called Elijah Rising; they rescue women/children from sex trafficking.  Another program is a shelter for gay teenage boys.  We also have some plans to work with the girl scouts on a special project that we introduced to them as well as individual troops around Houston.

    At this time, I am reviewing resumes and talking to individuals to see where they are interested in teaching (i.e. the Library vs. a shelter) and the location of Houston where you live so we can match teachers up to classes by location.

    New classes will begin in September 2016.

    1. Each class is usually 1 hour, but it usually takes the teacher 15 minutes to set up and an additional 15 minutes to clean up. Therefore we will pay the teachers for 1.5 hours for each class. Most classes will run in 12- 16 week semesters.
    1. The ages of the students range from grade 3 to high school. (9-18).
    2. For classes with younger students (ages 9-12) there is a capacity of 12 students. A class of this size will also have 2 teachers.
    3. There are some classes in the daytime and some are after school. At some schools such as Garden Oaks, our class is scheduled into a time period called clue. At Young Women’s College Preparatory Academy, we use study hall for sewing class. At other places, such as the libraries, the classes are after school usually between 4-6pm.

    The classes will be in various locations in Houston. Some are in Kingwood, some are downtown, the Heights, Spring and more. We have a library in Tomball for example that would like us to teach there. I am hoping to find teachers from across Houston and the surrounding areas to fill these gaps.

    Interested teachers, please submit your resume and/or sample of your work to for consideration.

    For more information about our organization, please visit our website at

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