Louet Spring Loom for Sale

FOR SALELouet Spring Loom for Sale
Just in Time for the Holidays!

LOUET SPRING LOOM — Gently used; in excellent condition

  • 8 shafts (with capability to be expanded to 12 shafts)
  • 43″ weaving width
  • Countermarch shed with easy tie-up
  • Friction break on main warp beam
  • Built-in raddle
  • Moving breast beam controlled by springs allows for large shed and constant tension
  • Texsolv heddles
  • Quiet, lightweight treadling

Accessories Included:

  • Sectional attachment for main warp beam
  • Second/supplementary warp beam and back beam
  • “Walt Turpening” handwoven bench
  • Lots of extra heddles (at least 1,200 total heddles)
  • 10-dent stainless steel reed
  • 2 sets of lease sticks
  • Extra lighting installed on underside of castle tray


  • $3,500 — reasonable offers will be considered
  • Cost of new loom with all the same accessories would be around $5,500
  • Shipping arrangements and costs are the responsibility of the purchaser, or the loom may be picked up from the seller in Houston, Texas

This is a good value on a very well-designed and well-functioning loom. The Spring gives the advantage of a countermarch shed, but without the complicated tie-up system characteristic of other countermarch looms. The spring-controlled breast beam gives good, consistent tension, and large sheds all the way to the end of the warp; so, loom waste is minimal. This loom is sturdy and holds a lot of tension; but, because of the spring feature, it has a relatively small footprint for its width and strength. It doesn’t take up a huge amount of space, and can be partially folded when not in use.

Laura Viada

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